Hélène Demetriades





The red beaded holly tree
squats in mud
blood fresh
against bright Dartmoor blue
eyeing me

Wilderness is
girthing her

When I was born
I lacked her stature
I slipped my footing
and fell eyes first
into the lonely heart
of my flame-haired mother

The holly wears her seeds on her head
mine are buried deep
but I flower just the same





Hélène Demetriades  studied English at Leeds University, went to drama school and worked as an actor.  Later she trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist.  She has had poems published in Reach Poetry, Sarasvati and Dawntreader magazines, (Indigo Dreams Publishing), Anima Magazine and the Play anthology, (from the editors of the Broadsheet). Online in Clear Poetry, Ink Sweat and Tears, Eunoia Literary Review and Allegro Poetry.  She lives in South Devon with her family.







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