Jacob Parker



Day Trip

It was in May, the weekend after we’d decided to separate, I took my girls to Weston-Super-Mare. To get them out of the house. It drizzled the whole day. We went on the beach anyway – the rain was bearable. They made a sandcastle. They rode on the donkeys – at least I think they did.

The tide was way out. My youngest, she walked all the way out to the edge of the sea to wash the sand off her feet. By the time she’d walked back her feet were covered in mud and sand again. She cried furiously – her body in my arms was rigid with the injustice.

Years later the girls told me it was one of their favourite days. Driving there I’d worn sunglasses all the way, so they wouldn’t see me crying.




Jacob Parker lives in London. He teaches in a sixth form college. He likes writing short stories in pencil.




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