Last Taboo

The one certainty in life.
One word we dread to mention.
he made frog noises
caroled with the cygnus
kicked off his wooden working shoes
applied his foot to the pail, hard
toppled off the budgie support
removed the taught spring of life
lies seventy two inches down
is bench pressing the bellis perennis
and entertaining the annelids for lunch.
Though you need to be careful with Latin.
It’s a language that has tumbled
well away from awake.




Books by J.S.WattsThe Submerged Sea (poetry), Dempsey & Windle – ISBN 9781907435591; Witchlight (novel), Vagabondage Press – ISBN 9780692406908; A Darker Moon (novel), Vagabondage Press – ISBN 9780615706528; Cats and Other Myths (poetry), Lapwing Publications – ISBN 9781907276644; Songs of Steelyard Sue (poetry), Lapwing Publications – ISBN 9781909252028: NOMINATED for BOTH SFPA and Saboteur Awards Best Poetry Pamphlet 2013; Years Ago You Coloured Me (poetry), Lapwing Publications. Website:  http://www.jswatts.co.uk/

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