Colin Pink



The White Rose
(i.m. members of the White Rose German resistance movement 1942-1943)

To think when thought is forbidden.
To love when taught to hate.
To resist the surge of the crowd.
To manoeuvre in a world of control.
To speak when silence is enforced.
To question when orders are the norm.
To look the tyrant in the eye and defy.
To dream of peace in a world of war.
To cradle hope newborn in your arms.
To feel the undertow and keep swimming.
To wait for the knock on the door.
To listen to the scrape of gaolers’ keys.
To face down the ranting judge.
To listen for the drop of the blade.



Colin Pink is a poet and playwright. His collection Acrobats of Sounds is available from the publisher, Poetry Salzburg, and on Amazon. His poems The Double, New Perch and Relics’ Requiem have all appeared on Ink Sweat and Tears.


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