Scott Manley Hadley




Love Poem #34
I want to be in snow so cold with you I start to cry
I want to be in rain so hard with you that I feel naked because all my clothes are stuck to the skin
I want to spend a day swimming with you on a beach so hot that the skin on the back of my neck starts to peel and I have one beer and I feel nauseous.

I want the wind when I’m with you to push me to the ground
I want fog so thick that I can’t see you but I can feel you holding my hand
I want the rivers to dry out
And lava to flow down every city street.

I want forest fires that are put out by tidal waves
I want hail stones the size of melons
I want tornadoes strong enough to lift a church.

I want the world outside
To be as massive and messy and wild
As I feel
When I look at you.




Scott Manley Hadley blogs at and his debut poetry collection, Bad Boy Poet, is available now from all online book retailers and many real life shops.


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