Alison Binney




All he was doing was standing alone in the pool,
spreading his arms out the width of the double lane,
just looking,

all he was doing was taking the point you’d just made,
making it over again to the rest of the team,
just helping,

all he was doing was having a bit of a laugh,
catching the eyes of his mates as he cracked out the gags,
just joking,

all he was doing was penning his piece for the Mail,
taking a pop at the PM’s penchant for high heels,
just teasing,

all he was doing was pressing his thigh against yours,
nudging it closer the further you moved yours away,
just stretching,

all he was doing was telling you how hot you were,
yelling it out of his car as you waited to cross,
just saying,

all he was doing was walking you back from the pub,
slipping his hand down the back of your favourite jeans,
just flirting,

all he was doing was showing you how much he cared,
stopping your mouth with his arm when you started to scream,
just fooling,

all he was doing was shielding a friend from the mob,
urging his nation to think of its husbands and sons,
just tweeting,

I have no doubt that, if the attack was as bad as she says,
charges would have been immediately filed by either her
            or her loving parents





Alison Binney teaches English  in a secondary school and also works on the PGCE English Course at the University of Cambridge. She has recently had poems published in Magma, The North, The Fenland Reed and Under the Radar.

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