Aimée Keeble



henry john lintott 

I, I, I, the millennium’s baby,
That stinking beauty who crunches down hearts like candy
I laugh with each push burn of knuckles and open my throat to grey sky
Because that is all I deserve
A song a spell a draught for sleep a darkness stupidly spilling
Close      your        mouth
I’ll die alone, as the lions do, my mouth a bloody red
And brave-
Churning earth as I writhe, silently quiet and ready
There was a skyline once- that felt perfect and the light that crept behind it golden
Like the soul of my mama
And a memory of horses,
Bones and damp grass
Sometimes I stand at the lip of water and feel for the pulse in my neck
There’s a little beat that hits me hard and says:
You have left all those you love
Whisper soft goes the waves, scum spray secret,
I am dizzy with loss,
Awake and bright because, because.





Born in London and raised in America, Aimée Keeble has been writing short stories and poems since she was a child. Her work has been published by the Lighthouse Journal, Forward Poetry, Southlight, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Oh Comely, Scalawag, John Mason, and ink, sweat and tears.  She has exhibited her work at Flint Gallery in Norwich, theprintspace in London, and the Superette Gallery in Paris as a part of Never Turn Back, a photographic project headed by Dean Chalkley. The two have collaborated on a publication titled One which focuses on the idea of subculture and is available through Antenne Books. Aimée is currently completing the MLitt. in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. She is the grand-niece of Beat writer and poet Alexander Trocchi.

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