Stefan Mohamed




Attempt at Self Portrait

syntax puddle

half-hearted marathon runner with piano key mouth

flea the other fleas would rather not suck blood with

hastily customised avatar for whoever is behind my face

nice cold cup of sarcastic fridge magnet wisdom

drunk note written on phone, forgotten for five months

lengthy self-deprecating anecdote at a rubbish party

jacket you think is cool but you know other people disagree so you don’t wear it, coward

anxious, sickly Instagram filter

slowly unravelling spool of HTML

telltale pornographic science fiction paperback left on psychiatrist’s couch, certain pages folded over

meme you made in Photoshop when you still weren’t really sure what they are

extensively publicised state-of-the-art spider web reveal on Spiderbite Massacre Remembrance Tuesday

wacky face drawn on carelessly with marker pen



Stefan Mohamed is a poet and author based in Bristol.  His novels Falling Leaves and the Bitter Sixteen Trilogy are published by Salt Publishing, and poetry collection PANIC! is published by Burning  Eye Books. Website is . Tweets: @stefmowords

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