Diane Mulholland



Crossing Points: The Last Hour

It’s late, and he’s watching.
Each rise of her chest
is less tangible than a prayer.
Now and then he presses
an ear to her lips,
his own breath held close.

He spends an hour sitting
with her eggshell hand
curled into his own,
then another
with fingertips feathered
into the hair at her cheek.

Stay in the shadow by the wall
outside their pool of light.

Someone brings water
and the glass sits beside him
so brim-full and bright
and quenching
that to him it seems like a voice
shouting obscenities.

You will see it in his face
at the end,
there will be a great crack.
Follow her through.




Born in Australia, Diane Mulholland now lives in London, where she can often be found beside the Thames. Her work has appeared in journals including Under the Radar and The Tangerine, and she recently completed an MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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