Lee Prosser




In the force of the fall, it’s OK
to call your screams outbursts of joy
as long as they don’t shrill.

You can fool everyone,
if you keep your body still and maintain a grip
on the restraining bar.

You can hang on to your courage
sat next to your 12-year old son if you don’t swear
in the section that flings you upside down.

You can be deceptive,
if you can hold your last meal or tears from spilling
as the twists and turns take their toll.

You can get away with a lot
if you quickly lure them towards the hotdogs,
before your mask of terror belies your stalwart stance

flashing up on the exterior screen.
That photo booth revealing your fear as you leave—
and you praying

once more that your corkscrewed body can deceive.





Lee Prosser currently lives in West Wales and graduated with an MA in creative writing from Swansea University in 2018. He initially studied fine art at college but gravitated into writing and performing poetry.

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