Julia Gibson




Staying Put

When you stick around for long enough,
you get good at being in a place.

You know the best secluded spots
where you can watch stars or sunbathe on a rock,

letting sunbeams soak through all your senses
while you kiss or make flat stones play hopscotch.

You know the best obstacles to climb and then surmount
when all the spotlights of the street hum on

and all the darkest corners in which to crouch
when cops come patrolling in the park.

You know there’s discounted bread on Thursdays
at the corner bakery up the hill

and which cafe has the nuttiest coffee
that you can sip leaning over the window sill.

You get good at knowing there’s an elsewhere
but not straining for its arrival.



Julia Gibson is a Toronto-based poet and engineer. Her first book-length collection of poems, Two Doors, will be published in summer 2019 by
Clare Songbirds Publishing House. Her personal website is at https://julia-gibson.com/.

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