Stefano Bortolussi




A Canyon

The perfect triangle of sea gently
emerges from the canyon’s last curve,
alluring, pubic, venereal, a promise
of a congress as prolonged as the arc
of the afternoon in the sky, of a union
with the day enjoyed to the end
of the evening’s fading energy and light.
I wish I could have it for ever, like a lover
attuned to the needs that shore up and undermine
what is left of me, day after day.



Stefano Bortolussi is a poet, novelist and literary translator.  In his native Italy he has published three poetry collections (Ipotesi di caldo, 2001; Califia, 2014; I labili confini, 2016) and four novels (Fuor d’acqua, 2004; Fuoritempo, 2007; Verso dove si va per questa strada, 2013; Billy & Coyote, 2017). His poetry also appeared in a variety of Italian and international magazines, including VersoDove, Schema, Interno Poesia, Atelier, Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Lake, Words for the Wild, Ovunque Siamo, The Ekphrastic Review and Riggwelter.

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