Jonathan Chant




Bringing It All Back Home

To leave one’s notebook in plain view signals some kind of declaration, a piece of the secret realm rendered visible. I sit in my dressing gown, smoking in a room where I shouldn’t, play games in perspectives,

the tin lantern with glass chimney becomes a primitive hut,
star cut holes sealed with emerald glass, windows.

It’s too cold to write. I try anyway. Stitch images

The moon illumines frosted leaves at the window.
Runic pines silhouetted on the snow-clad hillside.
White blobs of stars and two raised discs,
earthworks on the horizon.

A bridge crosses a stream full of stars

That kind of thing.

Those shapes on the hill, if only I knew the language.

Was that creak a footstep? The door left ajar…

I’m the tramp in the forest
bringing the key home to you.



Jonathan Chant is a lecturer, poet and performer. He has been published in Obsessed With The Pipe Work, Tears In The FenceCaduceusInternational Times and by New River Press.

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