Julia Groves is the envy of Cleopatra

The Envy of Cleopatra
The kohl painted eyes of Cleopatra
would flash to darkest green
if they could ever see
the top of my lover’s head
tanned and shiny, like a beautiful nut
as it is bowed to me
not as he brings gifts from many lands,
or in displays of humility
or in supplication
but in the greater reverence
of tying up my shoes.

*Julia Groves is aged sixty and has been writing poetry since she was 8. 
During her working life she wrote funny poems for events for her
workmates.  She has been attending Helen Ivory’s poetry class for the
last two years.  This has broadened the scope of her poetry
considerably.  In 2008 she had a brain hemorrhage but was lucky enough
to be left with only slight disabilities hence the need for her
husband’s help with her shoes.



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    What an absolute delight this is.

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