Aidan Casey





i need t hustle i need t score
i need a drink & then a few more
i need a hand t get t my feet
i need an elbow t cross th street

i need a hug baby i need a kiss
i need t skip th preliminaries
i need a proxy an adult toy
i need a girl sometimes i need a boy

i need a map i need a chart
i need a fix for my broken heart
i need th dinero i need th dope
i need a tree & a length of rope

& i need a tonic i need a gin
i need absolution for my sins
i need a prayer, i need a poem
& i need a taxi t take me home



Aidan Casey was born in Dublin and studied English and Philosophy at UCD. Since then, he has mostly taught English in Spain. He has recently returned to writing and has poems in several online reviews and anthologies.

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