Spring poems from John Calvert, Nicky Phillips and Stephen Pain


My favourite tea shop girl
Has a hooked nose, a dirty laugh
I'm trying to fathom Heidegger
What is is?
The butter-split cherry scone
Later sitting with peach iced tea
Eyeing legs, bags , Selfridges, Next
Spring tarts, fruit flavours
This morning the first wasp
Dozed through the kitchen window
I load apricot jam on the knife
With trepidation


*John Calvert is a  poet/musician/ performer based in Manchester

Camouflage Caravans
Pale blue would waver in spring's breeze;
grass-green guard, with jealousy, lush pastures;
chocolate brown stick fast in squelching mud;
prickly pebbledash skitter by shingle beach;
matt primrose nestle in sand dunes;
whereas unrelenting grey-white merely seem
to stretch mile on Mile on MILE on M1.
*Nicky Phillips lives 30 miles from London in a village with no gas, no shop and only the odd bus. She has had poems, short stories, 60- and 100-worders published in magazines, anthologies and online.

    spring  spring   spring






ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta creak crack CHEEP CHEEP

ga ga ga gr kre dup kredup kredup kredup kredup geroooosh  SPLAT

oh oh ooohh aaaaaaah uuuuuuuu yeah yeah yes yes yes oh oooooooh ahhh  oh NO! Sploosh

Concrete poems first three for children key : 
flower to be read from bottom up ,
cracking of egg
frog crossing road to mate
adult poem –  making love – premature ejaculation

*Stephen Pain is a zoosemiotician based in Denmark. He has written poetry over a period of time and has had poetry published in hardcopy and on the internet. If he were to describe the school or genre of poetry he belongs to – it would have to be the maverick  i.e. crossing over borders.

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