Two poems from Jonathan Pinnock

Cartoon Characterisation

Contrary to popular
belief, Yosemite Sam
is a keen advocate
of gun control and a staunch
vegetarian. He doesn’t even
live in

Yosemite. Instead, he
shares an apartment in
the Castro area of San
Francisco with his
long-term partner,

Fudd . They are often
to be seen walking along
the Bay shore, hand
in hand, accompanied by
one of their many pet


Waking up is too welcoming a phrase
to describe the process:
it’s more a case of smashing his way
through a concrete wall,
head first.

If he weren’t in so much pain,
he’d probably be wondering if
the brassière and thong
he’s wearing so inexpertly
belong to the stranger
in the bed next to him,

and having pondered that,
he might move on to marvelling
at how that bed
had come to be
upon the roof.

*Jonathan Pinnock has written all sorts of stuff and has been published all over the place. His novel Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens will be published by Proxima in Autumn 2011. He blogs at  and tweets as @jonpinnock. Mrs Darcy has her own website at

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