Tim Love

Nobody’s Perfect


After elevenses, Mr Nobody was drying up. When Perfect kept leaping at his lead hanging from a coat-hook Nobody understood his frustration. At the park they met Mr Nowhere. The friends sat watching the world go by.

“Remind me – how did you get your name?” asked Nobody.

“At school. I blame The Beatles for so much. And you?”

“Born with it. I had school problems as well. The head once said ‘Nobody knows the true meaning of life’. Everyone looked at me. Why didn’t you change your name? Nominalism?”

“No, Minimalism”, said Nowhere, “I wondered about a space after the w but I’m too old for that now. An inner void would suit you better, before the b. You should really get out more. Say, who’s that chick?”

“Miss Taw the librarian. Terri to her friends.”

“Come here you!” she shouted. Nobody looked up.

“I think her dog’s called You”, whispered Nowhere. It started petting Perfect, who took the lead. “Oh dear”, said Nowhere, “the magical Miss Terri Taw is coming to take You away.”

“Sorry about this”, she said, separating the dogs. “She’s called Yew, like the tree, because her bark’s worse than her bite.” Nobody wanted to ask her out, so she rushed off. Perfect panted “I love you”.

“Does he understand love like we do?”, asked Nobody.

“His sweat knows. His wet nose”, said Nowhere, “A Perfect day, as I’m sure Yew’d agree.”

“And a beautiful one.”

“You too? Isn’t Perfect good enough for you?”




Tim Love lives in Cambridge, England. His prose and poetry have appeared in  Stand, Rialto, Oxford Poetry, Panurge, Horizon Review, Short FICTION, etc. He blogs at http://litrefs.blogspot.com  His poetry pamphlet Moving Parts was published in 2010 by HappenStance. His prose pamphlet “By all means” will be published by Nine Arches Press in 2012.



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