Davide Trame's 'Remote Life'

Remote Life

I was for a moment called out of my ghost life
by your text message on my mobile,
I was sitting at the table watching TV
looking at a remote control there by my hand…
they were four really, the remote controls,
the old one for the TV
to still switch it on and off ( and me too ),
one for the satellite, one for the DVDs
and the one for the new digital box,
then, just a bit smaller, there was my mobile,
( so they all together looked five ),
same rectangular shape, sparking off
these glimmers of digital, remote life,
like many of us remote-in-control,
numbers, figures, gestures, voices, bodies,
or just tangled and unfurling memories of them,
pushing buttons, digitizing,
in the air, in the absorbing air
that it happened
it switched us on one day
as it will switch us off.

*Davide Trame says “I am an Italian teacher of English living in Venice-Italy.
My poems have appeared in journals around the world, I think five hundred or

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