Ann Alexander



If present trends continue

Scientists believe, predict, that if and should,
we’ll all be – that’s a proven fact.
Scientists assert (and to a man,
or possibly a woman) even if, or when,
or by some chance, Black Swan Event, a blip,
an unforeseen, a bolt from out of –
it will all be so. No doubt about it,
After 2050 it will all be, and if not
because it’s now too late, too soon;
(and in a year or three or when
grandchildren have grown, or if or why),
The figures show, the graphs foretell,
the data proves, the maths add up,
the tests reveal, computer models demonstrate
beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt,
a poem will be written, even though
(if present trends continue)
no-one will be left on earth to read it.



Ann Alexander lives in Cornwall but spent many years in London as an advertising copywriter.  She has three collections:Facing Demons (2002) Nasty, British & Short (2006) from Peterloo, and Too Close from Ward Wood (2011).



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