Fianna (Fiona) Russell Dodwell




I breathe earthy wettish smells through mossy planks, and
– prickle –
hearing snuffling close by;

through dark glass
wraiths of milky smoke:

a petrol-blue jumper
into view, then

i’m enveloped                      a billowing pipe                     bess the black                    my whole being
in scratchy oily wool          set up on my chimney          labrador wags                    thrums her an

from Inis Oirr, while          seems to light a fire              through the door               ecstatic welcome.

in the gloaming;                 filling the space with

                            steamy breath, and


Father Gordon and Daddy crunch off together,

laughing and reciting poems

as they drum deeper

into the trees.

 I come
to ground
and find
my heart
in newly
absent sound.




Fianna (Fiona) Russell Dodwell paints, draws and writes from the body, attempting to convey simultaneity of experiencing. She is investigating the felt senses and somatic resonance as literary ‘analysis’ tools; and movement and awareness practices to articulate how texts may meet the generative body-environment continuum.



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