Richard Fein



Hopeless Cause or Maybe Not

Early November, one Monarch but so late.
Already frost cut the thread that led from summer.
The milkweeds are all dead
with their whitesailed seeds settled down from drifting.
Lone Monarch lingerer
priming for flight on the trestles of the el
where a month ago hordes of his migrating kind
fluttered their wings in orange-black harmony.
Where were you then lone straggler?
Now our solo flyer is off
floating above seaside streets to the empty beach,
and then bobbing on a too chilly wind skimming
over the white capped Atlantic southwest to New Jersey.
You might just make it
late fall bloomer, Mexican-bound voyager, orange-black streamer,
caboose of your entire race.



Richard Fein was a finalist in The 2004 New York Center for Book Arts Chapbook Competition. A Chapbook of his poems was published by Parallel Press, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He has been published in many web and print journals.


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