Jean Atkin



On Milking Stile Lane


An old house like a dusty afternoon
in a town terrace of June weekdays.

A brown front door propped
on a brick, the step smooth as an arm.

A hall of dazzled dark, as cold
as a beer bottle beaded wet from the fridge.

From bed a parlour view of bay and dado,
respectability swopped for peeling paint

and posters of Virginia Woolf.  A house
so easy on its street, worn thin and homely

like cotton sheets laid side to middle.
We lay in the old house, being young.



Jean Atkin has two pamphlets in publication, The Treeless Region (winner of the Ravenglass Poetry Press Competition 2010) and Lost At Sea, (Roncadora Press 2011) which was shortlisted for the Callum Macdonald Memorial Prize.   She is a writer in education living in Dumfriesshire and is just finishing off  The Dark Farms, her forthcoming pamphlet about the Galloway Forest.  Find out more




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