Jenny Hope




A cruck of moon across the village.  A half-cut sky.

The farmer is driving her sheep through the lane, grub-tight,

in the hinged-light of an open grave.


The Court Meadow is empty but soon ewes and lambs

will pair up for the evening. Their bleats blur with the sounds

of dog and a murder of crows.


The verges are lined with ghosts. The day’s hot breath has gone.

Sheep are shielded from gateways; jaws slack as middle-aged women.


And night presses down firm as flesh; sounds of settling as day recedes.

Silence hushes the polished sky, save for the bleating of desperate sheep.



Jenny Hope is a Worcestershire based writer.  Her poetry collection,  Petrolhead, was published in 2010 by Oversteps books.  Her website is



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