Tony Vowles



Taming the Tiger

On days like this I imagine
he watches from a bench in the park.
Having eaten his sandwiches and fed the birds
he spends the rest of the hour
observing the comings and goings
and when he yawns it is a great yawn
of possibility and all that contains it
and when my mouth splays wide
and I’m threatening (even when I’m not)
but the feeling, the feeling is
he’ll understand and move on
careful not to disturb the animals.



Tony Vowles has appeared (or forthcoming) in Smiths Knoll, The Interpreter’s House, Under the Radar, 14, Prole, Dawntreader, Nutshell, Tears in the Fence and IS&T.  He was commended in the 2011 Indigo Dreams Pamphlet Competition and is working on his first collection.



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