Sarah Crewe



this is not disorder
there is no gap    just twists that stick
in your throat   reinvent themselves
in tortured itch   non-sleep patterns
drowning in shallow water           this
is how it rolls             stationary shark
frenzied feeding    rogue dines alone
beats nose against the cage     rattles
rips through until   skin  teeth   tears
plates everywhere   wardrobe in bits
this is not disorder                         it is
princess piggy working through rage
regressing           out of the notebook
into the fridge            under the quilt





Sarah Crewe is 30 years old and from the Port of Liverpool. Her chapbook, Aqua Rosa, is available from erbacce press and has work upcoming in In The Company of Ghosts: The Poetics of the Motorway anthology. Her work has also appeared at Route 57, Otoliths, Red Fez, erbacce, Sunfish and The Camel Saloon.


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  1. The sense of a person coming apart put over with such lovely, careful music. Good dose of humour too. Great stuff.

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