Grace Barham



Hey There Dali

I can hear it ticking softly between sheets that still smell of our skin;

winding time weaving us together. This morning I forgot to take my

watch from under your pillow. Last night you kissed me for the first


time, and I am giddy, spinning slowly like the hands of my watch as

they turn in your bed.




Grace Barham is a new young writer and undergraduate of Creative writing at Bath Spa University. She dislikes writing miniature biographies of herself, but generally likes everything else to do with words.


  1. Beautiful x

  2. Valerie Morton

    There is a charming sensuality in this poem which I like a lot. Thanks for a good read.

  3. David Symington

    Excellent. I like the reference to Dali, in the title, conjuring up his floppy clocks. And the pun on winding.

  4. Emotive, delicate and beautiful.

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