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Proximity  – Malta, May 2nd 2012

The past chides indulgence on the tenth floor

in the five- star comfort of the afternoon siesta

the hot air is scratched by an unknown  sound

schrik –  schrik, schrik –  –  –  schrik.

An irregular beat,  not mechanical

prods  animalistic memory,

does a giant insect  graze the balcony?

The tourist timidly checks his territory.


In a tiny field canyonned by buildings

a sickle crops ripe barley in slow bites.



Ivor Murrell has written poetry for over 40 years, but could only give it the time it demanded when he took early retirement, which also allowed him to build his website www.versifier.co.uk to share his writing.




One comment

  1. Dear Ivor,

    Since meeting you in Felixtowe’s ORWELL HOTEL at The Wedding, Ive read a lot of your poetry.
    But the one you gace me by hard copy I adore most ‘HOW TO AGE A RABBIT’ as read and re read 100 times.

    Youv are a true poet – a TP!
    Also the one with the red knee pain picture about getting out of bed when ageing! Great!
    Tankas I adore, as you do.
    If only I had been able to hear people NEXT TO ME (like you) talking at the wedding of the Roses, then I am sure I;d have had a great converstion.

    Much love to you and Jean. Come and see me here in the Dale of Dale – Weensleydale. I will send to your email and invite to a show of mine, also.

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