James Oates


At Brigflatts (6-6-10)

Braggadocio !

not here my friend
no fools call to higher powers
no rant, save for the
pique-ish bulls
who care not for silent prayer
nor Rawthey,
mixing lap and rush
to song-thrush backdrop,
nor hen, inquisitive in front
of camera,
nor Bruce scratching into sized paper
all fever and forgetfulness.

poets at the grave of poet
find words curious, alien,
no narrative to mind so
digitise source material;

  • eroding headstone
  • two mowed pathways
  • unkempt grass
  • half-burnt clothes-horse

talk of disrespect

talk of simplicity



James Oates is a seasoned performer on the North East and Edinburgh poetry scene, winning the Solo section of the first Team Slam in Edinburgh and Semi-Finalist in the 2009 Radio 4 Slam Poetry Contest. Wideyback was published by Red Squirrel Press  in 2007. You can find James’s work on seahampoet.blogspot.com



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