Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

Ink Sweat and Tears is thrilled to announce that we are once again supporting the Discussion and its associated Short Takes at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival, which runs from 2-4 November.

The theme of this year’s Discussion is ‘Poetry as a Lifeline’ which topic will be debated and dissected, vigorously no doubt, on the Saturday afternoon by Ingrid de Kok, Fellow and Professor in Extra Mural Studies at the University of Cape Town, Palestinian- American physician and translator Fady Joudah, Jackie Kay, professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle (who also brings a Nigerian perspective to the table) and Palestinian novelist, editor and poet Ghassan Zaqtan. This collective of  ‘intimate knowledge of the way that poetry can offer survival strategies when faced with a range of extreme situations’ will be chaired by Robert Seatter.

In the perfect little 15 minute vignettes that are the Short Takes,  D. Nurkse, Andrea Porter, Sam Willets and Warsan Shire will all ‘speak for themselves’ on the theme.

For the week leading up to the Festival and throughout it, we will be posting work on the ‘Lifeline’ theme and invite anyone interested in being a part of this to submit in the usual way with the Subject Heading ‘IS&T SUBMISSIONS: LIFELINE.’ Closing date for submissions will be 10th October.

And if all this does not have you excited about Aldeburgh then have a look at the short film here from The Poetry Trust that looks at the Festival’s journey over the years and its natural expansion into the superb facilities at Snape Maltings.

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  1. With just a week to go to Aldeburgh, advance ticket sales for this year’s Discussion are at a record high: 167 (and this doesn’t include all the many Festival poets who are bound to attend too). And collectively, for the four Short Takes – 122 tickets have already been booked (with Sam Willetts proving most popular). So – a BIG thank you to Ink Sweat & Tears for maintaining terrific support which is clearly going to be appreciated by large audiences at the Festival.

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