Roberta Lawson's 'Lotus'


In our palms, small  talismans. In our palms, small found objects: a photo, a gemstone, a  discarded note. Hand to hand we pass back and forth these tokens as  substitutes for love. Here we do not mention the cold — our words  are only for our own ears and we ration them carefully.   
Once a mute man  placed a lotus flower in my hair, walked away. Once somebody's mother  took the earrings she was wearing, threaded them through my lobes. We  have no common language of words. We make do. We better than make do.     

*Roberta Lawson lives in Brighton in the UK. Her writing can be found in places such as Sein Und Werden and Prick of the Spindle.

Lotus first appeared in the '52|250: A Flash Year' project.


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