Wynne Huddleston's 'Memory for a Song'

For Sale: Memory for a Song  
My grandparents’ house has been sold and moved
to a remote corner in the left hemisphere
of my brain, but Chopin’s Nocturne in e minor has never
left my fingers. My cousin lost her alphabet, the evil
joker Stroke erased the board, but the words
married to melodies remain on her lips.
Funny how I can’t retrieve the data file of our second
kiss. But I recall vividly the first one, because “Wake Up,
Little Suzie” was on the radio. Yes, I’m laughing, thinking,
hypnosis might do the trick—forget it all, forget
I ever met you…
But when I am old and you are still
not here
let me ride back in time on the verse of a song—
let me think
you are.

*Wynne Huddleston is a music teacher whose poetry has appeared in nearly 40 publications. Visit her here: wynnehuddleston.wordpress.com

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