Martin Redfern



The tone of your voice

I watch you answer the phone.

From the tone of your voice,

I realise it’s over.


I hear the tenderness

I had understood was mine.

You run your fingers through your hair,

The breeze unsettling your dress.

I comb your exquisite face

To search for hope.

But your eyes are exuberant now,

You overflow with him.


I want to plead for what we once had –

Instead I say nothing.

How do I tell you what you have told me?



Martin Redfern was brought up in the West Midlands and has lived in Edinburgh since the 1990s.  A publisher by occupation, Martin also writes short stories and poetry. He’s uncertain whether he’s poacher turned game-keeper or vice versa….



  1. John Lotheringon

    Beautiful economy and observation capturing a transformative moment in a life.

  2. Peter Dennis

    The paralysis of the narrator in this excellent poem is what gets me. ‘Instead I say nothing’ is a heartbreaking line. The way that observation – detatchment – is a false coping mechanism. Lends the poem an exquisite melancholy.

  3. Stuart Smith

    Heartbreakingly sad, so poignantly depicted , a very beautiful and delicate poem.

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