Antony Owen



Fat Man

Oh ribbon weaver
what did you weave in the war room
for Coventry?

Fine sky blue yarns,
fat Havana halos, the prophetic ligature
for stained black saints.

Oh war shepherd
the mauling wolves embed our moon
torn against our spire.

Toe tags queue for names,
a child they thought was a beam
was younger than your brandy.

Oh ribbon weaver
what will you weave for Dresden
from Coventry’s stone elbows?

The Nagasaki bastard
they named after you
whistled like a soldier,

bloomed for the lotus flower,
your carbonised legacy.
Fat Man, fire, criminal.

Antony Owen is an emerging new voice in British poetry. His distinctive and uncompromising war poetry earned Owen a 2011 poetry competition finalist place by The Wilfred Owen Story as one of 11 poets for 11/11/11. His recent collections are with Pighog Press and Heaventree Press.  The Dreaded Boy can be purchased at  or any good online bookshops.




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