'The Music of Default' by Gareth Twose

The Music of Default


I guess, if you collect some
of those strings and hold them
in one hand, it can tend
to look like a bouquet,
said the sleb.

The city does something to your brain:
both the amygdala and cingulate
cortex are over active
if and when lost in the rhubarb


The trick with care was to
separate the operating company (opco)
from the properties and load up
debt against the bricks and mortar (propco)

We will build a fire wall
between investment and retail
In other words, we will build
a metaphor


Back at the music festival &
if we scrub around together in the mud
we can try and create something fantastic
enough to distract us from the toilets:

a winged figure on the side of a department
store in the sun and rain and nightlight,
a sense of air.
The wooden figure there is a body
with protected inner space
and softnesses
strings linking the inner and outer
woman holding a bird containing marble
A crucifixion in aluminium.

The tools, an extension of sight and touch.

I am the form and I am the hollow,
the thrust and the contour,
the artist said.

*Gareth Twose: I have recently had poems published in Sunfish and Assent.  I live in Manchester and work in Wigan.

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