Natalie Moores




A Different Sky

A solitary brick hut spilled tyres
three sheep gossiped about something

or other.

Fenced in
the farmer’s daughter
teased a brood of hens
they followed her winding
assault course with adoration.

She was grateful for their company.

I kicked an acorn
on the short walk back

to             double glazing
tesco bags

and a different sky.



Natalie Moores is a poet from South Manchester. She is currently finishing an MA in Creative Writing at Loughborough University and recent publications include Agenda Broadsheet, Poetry24, Poet and Geek and others.




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  1. Thyrza Leyshon

    Came back to this again after a couple of days – there is something haunting about its exploration of solitariness, with perfectly considered line breaks and sparce form.

    Enjoyed this poem a lot.

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