Geraldine Green



Green geese


Last night   I couldn’t sleep

so I painted geese

not just any geese

but green ones    flying over me

heading   for the moon

hanging low   over Skiddaw

full   and   round   and   silver

a speckled-back mirror.


I could see   teeth

in the moon’s mouth

whales   spouting music

dolphins    perched

on top   of    gold  cupids

they   fired arrows     at me

all night    the geese    I painted

flew south    for the winter

ate clouds   and storms

in their beaks  were scrolls


when they were thirsty

they found someone    like me

who couldn’t sleep

who painted  green geese.



Dr. Geraldine Green has read and been published in the UK, USA, Italy and Greece. Her latest collection The Other Side of the Bridge by Indigo Dreams, was published in July 2012.  Geraldine is an Associate Editor of Poetry Bay 




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