Sara-Mae Tuson



the plunge

wild flowers, earth bound
ever moribund
rooted to cracks in the cliff face.
there they watch, blind witnesses, under starlit sky,
as the girl yokes her ankle, ties the tether.

the updraft lifts the heavens
breath of angels fills to booming,
such is the looming wind, crushing the waves.
sweet airs, like canticles, break into particles of sound
seismic, immovable, under a blackening sky.

the girl’s charcoal imprint, cursed,
against the light, the Grecian curve of her form
no sooner begotten as forgotten.
into the giddy depths she plunges,
or rather, slows her descent.

maddened by the blood pulsing in her ears
always the challenge, the fulminating glue
screwing her to the sticking point,
though she was given the starkest of warnings:
she saw her lover die.

now, he is always otherwhere,
though she counts the seconds for him yet,
timing him as he shoots into the murk.
seconds that turned to hours, churning days,
whittling weeks down to this moment;

where she is herself, encapsulated,
squared down to force, to fire – unquenchable.
decompression booms like a cannon,
so she swallows, body thirsting for something
more than oxygen.

as she pushes down, through heavy water,
wiring fixed, set to phosphorescence
the naked dream blurs into steel bands, seizing the organ,
pumping the last of her air through the branches of her lungs –
spread like Christ’s outstretched palms.

fathoms from home, upside down,
on the wrong side of the earth; the wire taut, sprung –
she finally touches the edge of understanding
what the boy was reaching for all those times –
in the dark, under the water,
she sees what he saw.


Sara-Mae Tuson has had work published in the Salt anthology OverheardThe Journal, Dark River Press, Elbow Room, Pen Work Media’s Mayday StoriesScouting magazine, The Loose Muse Anthology 2012, RisingErotic Review, Obsessed with PipeworkTrespass, The London Magazine and more. She was a finalist in the 2012 erbacce press chapbook prize and came second in the Curtis Brown 100 word story competition. Sara-Mae is a freelance copywriter, editor and also acts as a consultant for InkTears. Read her blog here.

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