Fiona Sinclair



Artist in Residence

Every Sunday, your soap opera’s weekly omnibus ;
winning the council flat,
battling the filth left by a procession of slatternly tenants
like exorcizing a stubborn demon.
So my telephone imagination
expects a plain face to a tuneless voice,
but beside the front door geraniums and herbs cling
to the upper story’s cliff face,
inside your rooms wear a bespoke suit’s grey and white chic,
finished with baroque flourishes.
Now I understand your niggling pain,
that this home’s tenancy might be withdrawn
like a Greek god’s favour.


Fiona Sinclair reviews for numerous poetry magazines including IS&T and Happenstance. She is  the editor of the online poetry magazine Message in a Bottle. Hew second pamphlet A Game of Hide and Seek is out now from Indigo Dreams.

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