Abi Palmer



break up in the austrian themed fondue restaurant


his shirt

matched the tablecloth

his leiderhosen

didn’t match the shirt

nothing fits,

I said. you

picked up a cube of bread,

and buttered it

you’ll get butter

in the cheese,

i said. you

ate it



i said

if you didn’t want cheese on it

why are we here?



Abi Palmer was born in the wake of the great Helena Train Wreck (1989). Current interests include Spaghetti Westerns and amazon.co.uk’s one-time 352nd best reviewer.


  1. I am very pleased to read this poem. It is great to be able to write something that resonates and is so deep about something so seemingly trivial. It has that recognition thing which is so important and so satisfying. Thank you.

    • Hi Meg, I was just sending someone to this page and saw your comment underneath it.
      Wow – thanks for the feedback! I’m unbelievably thrilled that you responded this way to the poem, and that you took the time to write about it too. Thanks for making my day!

      Abi xx

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