Catherine Graham




When I set out on my journey

I shall leave home early.


I shall wear shoes that breathe slowly;

button up my best coat.


My scarf will wrap itself around me,

brushing my cheek like a newborn hand


and I shall need a bag – the one

that smells of her favourite perfume.


A simple sign

nailed to a wooden post.


See her alight with only the ghost

of a well dressed smile.


This is the place

where dandelion clocks stand still.



Catherine Graham lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. She is a Northern Voices Poetry Award winner. Catherine’s work has been published in magazines and anthologies in the UK and Ireland as well as online. Catherine’s chapbook Signs (ID on Tyne Press) was in the Poetry Kit top five recommended books for 2011, her first full collection Things I Will Put In My Mother’s Pocket is due out Spring 2013 with Indigo Dreams Publishing

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