David Mac


Angel Way Back

6am streets is heaven
all white cloud
mist fog morning
and look
out of the dense gloom
headlights coming out
going past
straight out of nothing
straight on to nothing
(work no doubt)
but all cars go the same way:
same direction:
just like that
but I walk on
early morning street
lonesome way
because what?
because the night ends?
it has to
wandering solo is heavenly
thoughts are
as I see Old Polly look
from her ghost window
spooky dead pub
ghoulish thing
I press on
I don’t believe in death
but back
to bed
to dream
and you know the rest
pillows sleep best



David Mac is one of the greatest forklift drivers to emerge from the UK. His words have appeared in many mags, journals, zines, sites and blogs. He hides out somewhere deep in the Bedfordshire Hell.

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