Jessica Schmitt




A Necessary Answer:


It runs from me on the pavement, concrete stomp after concrete stomp.

It hides in common corners,

the corner bus stop with its cement bench that smells of other

people’s problems,

the corner in the library where my favorite paperback is found,

the corner of my bedroom where it leans against my sand toned walls,

and watches me sleep curled in my bed


I am confused by its presence,

How it sits and eats popcorn out of my favorite red bowl.

It reads my books and magazines before me.

It pisses me off.

It was not invited to my home yet it refuses to slide open the door to

the walk out patio and leave.





Jessica Schmitt lives in St. Paul,Minnesota. She currently studies at Concordia University as a double major in Interdisciplinary Studies and English Literature.


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  1. Nice poem, Jessica. Interesting that you live so close. I’m in Minneapolis. Hope to see more of your work. — James Naiden 612-749-1512

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