Haiku from Padrika Tarrant and Virginie Colline




My hat can keep out
evil and radio waves,
silver foil and wool.



Padrika Tarrant’s novel The Knife Drawer was shortlisted for the 2012 Author’s Club Best First Novel Award.  Her second book of short stories The Fates of the Animals will be published by Salt this year.





Five Haiku

early spring
the wind plays alone
on the rocking horse


Venetian love
sparks and thrills
under the Bridge of Sighs


by the classroom window
dreaming of summer dress
and terracotta sun


harvest moon
under the eyelids of the night
a luna moth’s dream


drawing December straws
who will eat the last chocolate
in the Christmas box?



These haiku were originally published in The Asahi Haikuist Network.

Virginie Colline is a French translator living in Paris. Her poems have appeared in Notes from the Gean, Frostwriting, Prick of the SpindleMouse Tales Press, Pure Francis, Jack Move Magazine, The Orris and Bawka Magazine, among others.

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