Anthony Wilson



On Twitter

after Kenneth Koch

Jokes on Twitter

I am with
the man
who said:
the dawn chorus.
Please retweet.’

Mornings on Twitter

Are wasted mornings

Poetry on Twitter

You cannot find
Seamus Heaney
on Twitter

Multiple Identities on Twitter

Many people
Have several identities
on Twitter
but do not use them

Pictures on Twitter

Every one
is worth
one hundred and forty characters.

God on Twitter

God is everywhere
on Twitter.
He is everywhere
on Facebook
at the same time.

To My Stalkers on Twitter

Hello Fran!

Autumn Mornings on Twitter

A breeze
to kiss
my cheek

Self-Hatred on Twitter

hates itself
for not being Twitter

Meeting Your Life Partner on Twitter

Many people
have met their
life partners
on Twitter.
This was before
they met
in real life.

Identity on Twitter

This is my username
̶  so use it!

Twitter in Bed

I’m not falling
for that one!

Racial Abuse on Twitter

It still exists

Stephen Fry on Twitter

Did you know,
Stephen Fry

Surrealism on Twitter

This is an onion,
not a poem!

Hashtags on Twitter

One day soon
there will be

a hashtag
for everything

Footballers on Twitter

have many followers

Twitter vs Facebook

You need
to get out

Celebrities on Twitter

They use it
to parade
the minutiae
of their lives

like the rest of us

Onions on Twitter

The best onions
on Twitter
are Spanish onions

Sonnets on Twitter


The End of the Affair on Twitter

You sitting there
a doe in mist
one shaft of sun with dust
in it  life without you is bare

Profile Pictures on Twitter

Are preferable
to those
egg things

Favouritism on Twitter

I would like
to favourite
the world

The Stark Truth of Twitter

Twitter is a room
where everybody shouts
and nobody listens

Haiku on Twitter

is much older
than Twitter

Shakespeare on Twitter

Somewhere, somebody is typing
the Complete Works of Shakespeare
into Twitter

Self-absorption on Twitter

But that’s enough about me
let’s talk about me

Pornography on Twitter

That got you interested
didn’t it?

How to leave Twitter

is the name of a book
not a set of instructions

Networking on Twitter

can be time-consuming

Self-Knowledge on Twitter

Another bloody writer.
Just what Twitter needs.

Just Checking Twitter When You Should Really Be Doing Something Else

fuels your insecurity

Canada on Twitter

I have been searching
for my favourite Canadian poet
on Twitter
but have had no luck

Philosophy on Twitter

There is even
more of this
on Twitter
than there is

Fish on Twitter

I am with
the woman
who said
she was curating
a subterranean
for freshwater fish
and called it
an underground carp ark

Kindness on Twitter

is underrated

Poem for the Lonely on Twitter


Mornings on Twitter

are energetic mornings

The New York School on Twitter 2

“The pattern that may carry the sense, but
stays hidden in the mysteries of

(I am not John Ashbery.)”

is the profile of John Ashbery on Twitter.

Commuting on Twitter

Each day
young men and women
walk past my house
without thinking about Twitter

To My Love at the Close of Day

Without doubt
of all my life’s adventures
knowing you
was the best

Gossip on Twitter

The celebrity
at the end of our road
has got builders in

Wallace Stevens on Twitter

It was snowing
And it was going to snow.

Time Travel on Twitter

It is possible to be unfollowed
on Twitter
seconds before being followed

The New York School on Twitter

Frank O’Hara
is alive and well
on Twitter

James Schuyler

Hasn’t tweeted yet

The Love of My Life on Twitter

I would happily lose all of them
If it meant I could hold on to you

Comedy on Twitter

Twitter is a gift to comedians
not the other way round.

The Future on Twitter

Just imagine
what Spike Milligan
would have done
with Twitter

Pants on Twitter

Yes, even these.

Saved Searches on Twitter

I looked everywhere
on Twitter
but all I wanted
was you

Recommended People on Twitter

I would cross the street
to avoid them

Christopher Hitchens

did not bother with Twitter.

Multitasking on Twitter

It is perfectly possible
to be at one’s toilet
and on Twitter
at the same time

Poetry on Twitter

Kenneth Koch
lives in Atlanta
and is a leader
for KPMG’s
Forensic Technology Services.

In Twitter as in Life

We have to write better than we can.




Anthony Wilson is a poet, writing tutor and lecturer.  He has just published his fourth collection of poems,  Riddance (Worple Press). Love for Now, a prose memoir, was published last year by Impress books.  He can be found online at  Twitter: @awilsonpoet

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