Chris Guidon 'At the Heart of Things'

At the Heart of Things

Remember when your mother was taken ill-
and was rushed anonymously to the hospital?
and in the waiting room your older brother –
cried and shivered like glass.

But you felt like some dumb blunt dull thing-
no tears, no panic, no nothing…

And the kindly old woman in the corridor-
smiled in her knowing
and you wished you were sharp enough-
to cut away her smile

to cut down to the sinewy heart of things
like strangers smiling-
and families crying.

To look upon their glistening emotions-
without the polished facade
to see if they truly bleed,
as you truly bleed.

*Chris Guidon says “I'm a writer from Worcestershire and I'm currently working on my first novel and preparing to start a family.”

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