Kathy Gee & Jim Newcombe on an Easter Sunday



outside the supermarket
through the sliding doors
I see a friend recently
returned from retreat.

In that momentary flash
of recognition
it is not his face I see
but a still bright light
body halo, silver white
with shopping trolley.

Stepping forward, I dismiss
the ridiculous –
civil servants don’t see auras.


Kathy Gee started writing creatively (but secretly) in 2007, joined the Worcestershire Stanza in 2011, and has since had poems accepted by various magazines and anthologies. Her blog WordString is an experimental vehicle for occasional video poems.



The Infant’s Faith

When I was a child my mother told me
that clouds were angels sailing in the sky.
Like Nordic ships upon a sapphire sea
they voyaged into the unknown, endlessly.

It followed then that God was sunlight, freed
in its blinding beauty, or else distilled
in fleecewarm, soldery scoops of creamy cloud,
striking the city’s minarets with gold.

I believe in believing. I believe
in that sky so truly endless, where no wind
obscures a heaven that’s no more given to deceive
than it is less real for having been imagined.



Jim Newcombe was born in Derby in 1976 and now lives in Chiswick, West London. He is currently involved in recording a Librivox audio anthology of the work of the English visionary William Blake. He has had work published in Staple, Poetry Nottingham, Tears in the Fence, The Bohemian Aesthetic, Shot Glass Journal, The Poetry Box, Mobius, The Stone & Star and The Recusant.


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