Maxwell Baumbach's 'Nursing'


after sneaking onto the roof of the apartment
my friends and I
break out the scotch and cigars
they drink from fancy glasses
like my dead relative had
while I drink mine from a used soda bottle
that still contains traces
of high fructose corn syrup
I think about how nineteen years ago
I was nursed from a bottle
and now I nurse a bottle
and in seven years
I’ll nurse someone who drinks from a bottle
but that’s merely the cycle of things
and to make anything more out of it
would be overly sentimental.

*Maxwell Baumbach is a poet from Elmhurst, IL. His work has been featured in Elimae and Mobius: The Journal of Social Change. His first full-length collection, At Age Twenty, will be released by unboundCONTENT in early 2012.

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