David Mac's 'Sleeper'

The Sleeper
he stalked thru the world
feeling the flowers as he ran
every time he lost it
it was usually found under his bed
in the evening as the sun went down
he looked up
the birds were melting in the trees

David Mac is a poet from the Bedfordshire Hell. He has collections out with Erbacce Press and Knives Forks & Spoons Press. His new poetry magazine is called Meat Songs and is open to submissions:

MEAT SONGS. New UK poetry magazine. Words must be meaty, beaty, like a raw nail, a dirty tooth, a mean blues, urban, street, sweaty groin, outcast, rebel, punk, unwanted, underground, beery language, mind dribbles, fast, sudden, spontaneous mad talk, sexual groanings, bar blurs, strangeness, poetry eating itself, plus also tiny poetry pips, head blips and trinkets, like modern town haiku. Darkness. Eternal sighs.  

Submissions should be 5 pages of poems and emailed to lutonghoul@hotmail.co.uk as one Word attachment.

Issue 1 & 2 featuring Bobby Parker, Geoff Stevens, Paul Tanner, Simon Robson, Chris Guidon, Henry Blake, and David Mac, available from email above for £2.50 each.

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  1. love this

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