John W. Sexton



Unseen, But Here

My autistic son has wings of shadow.
I see them when he stands in sunlight;
they blossom behind him like dark clots.
He giggles under the full sun
and a crown of glare anoints him.

He stands on the cracks of the pavement
holding the world in place.



John W. Sexton lives in the Republic of Ireland and is the author of four previous poetry collections. His fifth collection, The Offspring of the Moon, is published by Salmon Poetry. In 2007 he was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in Poetry.


  1. Wonderful, John! Your son is blessed to have you as his father. May he grow strong and true.

  2. Lucinda

    Quite simply the most beautiful poem.
    Shockingly beautiful in fact – and so right.

  3. What a wonderful poem.

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